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September 4, 2008

The unamerican nature of liberalism

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Marx was a European who evolved his theory of government and society in reaction European class warfare.   While disavowing Marx,  American liberals depend upon him for the ideology that supports their movement.  Liberals would have us believe that society must meet all the needs of every citizen.  There are no distinctions among persons and the talented are obligated to live poorly while paying the taxes necessary to fund the entitlements every citizen receives.  American liberals do not the right of an individual to own property, they simply want to limit the amount of property an individual can keep after donating the rest to the general population.  They generally eschew the notion of government ownership of economic resources more as a matter of practical politics than any scruples about confiscating private property for “public” purposes.  This slight distinction, which will disappear as soon as the liberals attain sufficient power, is all that separates liberals from communists.  As a political ideology communism has many attractive features.   What’s not to like; tenured jobs for everyone, cradle to grave financial support from the government, lifetime health care and peace, an end to the have and have not dichotomy, an end to discrimination and the total success of the nation?

Liberals missed the point.  this nation was founded by people who left Europe to escape the class warfare.  The New England and Maryland colonies were founded to provide a haven for religious refugees.  Georgia was a colonized by poverty stricken Englishmen so willing to leave the old country that they volunteered for a term of slavery in exchange for passage to America.     Americans do not want cradle to grave supervision by any government.  We do not want a government bureaucrat telling us where we will work, how much we will earn, which doctor we may see and when the system will no longer provide medical care.

It is all there, in the Declaration of Independence.   Americans want freedom to pursue individual goals, to determine  when it is time to change jobs, who we will worship or not and how much government is too much government.  Our nation was not founded upon socialist principles.  The USA is the first nation founded upon principles of individual rights and liberties.  Our ideology, as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, supports a collaborative political and social order.   Our intense individualism gives rise to great art, wealth and strong families.  If our brand of individualism and the meritocracy it supports is so bad, why are we, with less than one percent of the world’s population,  the largest economy in the world.  If liberal socialism and the entitlement society it creates is so wonderful why does America have an immigration problem?  When was the last time you heard of anyone risking life and limb in a leaky boat to flee from Miami to Castro’s Cuba?   The Union of Soviet Socialist States collapsed after three quarters of a century as a socialist paradise.  What caused the collapse: the existence of American freedom and the individual rights America champions.  And it all started with a one page document written in Philadelphia in 1776.

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