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October 9, 2008

What does a community orgnizer do?

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For several weeks I have wondered just what a community organizer does.  Now we know: a community organizer stuffs ballot boxes to assure that liberal socialists get elected.   Obama worked for Acorn’s get out the vote iniative when he was hired by Saul Alinsky’s disciples to organize Chicago communities.

One of the signature traditions of this country is faith in fair elections.   This faith is frequently misplaced when so called progressives want to dominate politics in an area.  Taking lessons from the old Democrat machines in Chicago, New York, Kansas City and Philadelphia and combining them with the organizing principles of the late twentieth century liberal radicals, the current liberal “reformers” like ACORN have seriously weakened our national political system.  Faith in the ballot box transcends party, it is the basis of  governance.

Our founders believed in the inherent goodness of man, placing more faith n human nature than is justified.  But they did envision a government capable of protecting the ballot box and preserving our republic.  It is time for that government to act in defense of our right to vote and invalidate every registration form submitted by ACORN and any other group that has attempted to hijack the voting process.

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