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October 12, 2008

Fond memories of the Great Depression

Blogging is not as easy as it looks.  Getting attention requires something that stand s out from the herd of four million blogs on this service.  I thought sound reasoning and a different slant on issues would be sufficient to garner some attention but so far, it’s been a bust.  So why keep trying?  Because writing and fighting are part of the Irish branch of the human genome.  And, any time you can fight by writing, that’s as close to paradise as I’m ever going to get.   I’m tired of my wife telling me to stop yelling at the television every time some liberal says something stupid.  Changing spouses is not an option especially as she agrees with me more often than disagrees.  She  asked me to find an outlet for the emotional response that does not terrify the dogs or trash the TV.   Anyone married for more than thirty five years knows exactly how this was communicated to me.  No, she did not need the two by four.

The Branchflower report is out and the liberal blogs are having a field day spinning it to suit their preconceived notions about governor Palin.  Wooten gets a pass for tasering his step son and issuing terroristic threats to the governor’s family.  The report concludes that the governor was within her rights as governor to fire Monegan but that she acted against the implicit covenant between employee and employer that somehow restricted her right to fire him.  Gee, life is unfair, if you aggravate the boss you get shown the door and if you don’t move quickly the door will bruise your backside.  That, ladies and gents, is reality.  There are some things that crying to mommy can’t fix.  That this whole thing was concocted by political enemies of the governor and supporters of her opponent in the national election is of no consequence to  brain dead liberals.

However, there are more important issues in play.  If you liked the Great Depression, vote for Obama and the liberal horde running for Congress.  If you are honestly concerned with your economic future take a few minutes to study the Great Depression.  It began with a stock market crash and bank run in 1929.  In 1932 things were bad, rwelve percent unemployment and a stagnant economy.  Hoover thought he would get things moving by taxing the rich and redistributing some wealth.  The revenue act of 1932 was passed, signed into law and put into effect.  Unemployment jumped to twenty five percent, GDP shrunk thirteen percent and the serious recession became the Great Depression.  How does this ancient history relate to today?  Simple; Obama and his Democrat horde will raise taxes on the segment of the economy that produces the wealth and capital that pays all of our salaries.  Just like Hoover did it in 1932.  Just like FDR did in his first three terms, Obama plans to redistribute wealth to those in need by taking it from those who have.  And, just as happened during FDR’s administration, those in need soon exhausted the resources of those who had and the economy went deeper into depression.  Fact: FDR’s economic policies of high taxes and welfare payments deepened the depression and would have bankrupted the country if not for Hitler and his little war.  Our economy recovered not because of socialist inspired robin hood policies but because the world suddenly needed weapons on an inconceivable scale.  Thanks to Hoover and FDR we had plenty of surplus labor and manufacturing capacity so meet the demand for killing machines.  I don’t think we want to count on a new world war to save our bacon this time though anything is possible as the Great Depression was at least partly to blame for the conditions that propelled Hitler to power.

Here’s the picture, Obama gets elected, triggers a global economic depression and then what?  Desparate people turn to desperate solutions.  We are currently fighting a war against a global jihad intent on establishing a global muslim state with seventh century concepts of human rights and justice.  An economic collapse in the west would give the jihadi’s a golden oppoortuinity.  So maybe we will have a new world war to resussitate our failed economy.   Any bets?

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